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Spider Mites and Nepenthes Alata

A few weeks ago I found webs on my nepenthes but thought they were from normal spiders. I’ve never had experience with spider mites and didn’t recognize the signs. Tight webbing, clear little teeny tiny eggs, and previously healthy leaves turning yellow. In fact, I thought I might have been overwatering it… so I backed … Continue reading

Beginner Backyard Cut Flower Garden

Many attempts at gardening with vary successes. None adding up to much. First try for a cut flower garden in Portland, OR.

Marine Life

A few pictures from a family trip to the beautiful Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Sunny San Diego

Flew down to San Diego as a plus one to a wedding for the first time. Respite from the dreary weather was appreciated. Portland had been raining for months. Weddings are beautiful occasions. A collective current of love for two individuals is so strong it pulls people from all over the world. A celebration that … Continue reading

Columbia View Park, St. Helens, OR

Dispatches from the City Slicker.

Silent Disco and Strangers

While waiting to meet up with Natasha, an acquaintance of Ally’s- she drew someone into our small group while at Laurelhurst Park. Her name was Tamela and she had such a kind spirit. We chatted for a minute and become home base. There was also a Silent Disco starting up and she’d offered to pay for the experience. … Continue reading

Personal Manifesto

It has always been difficult for me to maintain consistency with most things in life. Blogs, good intentions, goals all fall under that column. I drafted a “manifesto” and posted this on my door and now I’m posting it here as my “first blog” (for the 20th time). After sustained hiatuses I usually start blogs over, … Continue reading

Lamb Leaf Fat