Personal Manifesto

It has always been difficult for me to maintain consistency with most things in life. Blogs, good intentions, goals all fall under that column. I drafted a “manifesto” and posted this on my door and now I’m posting it here as my “first blog” (for the 20th time). After sustained hiatuses I usually start blogs over, from scratch, adopting new identities without a new voice. I didn’t have an urge to do so for this, so I figure this is as good as any other thought vomit I’d normally have.

  1. Days are long but the years are short.
  2. In yourself, have the capacity for faith, rebellion and humor.
  3. An eye to see, heart to feel and courage to follow. Choose from your heart and your life will fill with things you love. Only love is free.
  4. Fertility of imagination. Creativity and restraint = beauty.
  5. Sweat once a day. The potential of the human body is limitless. Nourish yourself.
  6. Err on the side of positivity and positive energy in all things.
  7. Curate a healthy disregard for commonplace elegance. Make more choices. Do not accept complacency.
  8. Style is multidimensional. Feel free to change.
  9. Work is an overrated activity.
  10. Be fearless.

I’ve never written a manifesto for myself. No guidelines when I get foggy. I read it almost everyday incidentally, while rushing out the door or before I go to bed. It helps.

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