Silent Disco and Strangers

While waiting to meet up with Natasha, an acquaintance of Ally’s- she drew someone into our small group while at Laurelhurst Park. Her name was Tamela and she had such a kind spirit. We chatted for a minute and become home base. There was also a Silent Disco starting up and she’d offered to pay for the experience. What a generous and amazing woman! If she hadn’t told me the struggle she was going through, I would’ve never guessed it. She was beautiful. Her eyes shone and her smile was warm. She played frisbee with us, she’d caught on really quickly. I like people who are in it to win it 🙂 We had some good rounds of catches and throws.



I’d never been to a silent disco in Portland! Thanks Tamela, Ally and Natasha for spending a moment with me, in the sun, on the grass, playing frisbee and pointing out all the dogs that appeared.

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