Beginner Backyard Cut Flower Garden

My mother’s skill as a gardener has always inspired my love for gardening. Not that I’m very good at it…but she really kick-started it for me today.

During the Winter, I bought a bunch of tulips and crocuses that I kept putting off planting. I sent her some in the mail and her’s are now taking off! Mine have been in my closet since Winter so today, I did a bit of research and quickly realized I should have stuck theses babies in the ground waaaaay earlier.

DSC00256Apparently, most tulips require a significant amount of time in very cold to freezing conditions…good thing I procrastinated fixing lost my heater for about 8 weeks back in Winter!! So here’s hoping that was enough!


Many bulbs already started sprouting, with yellow hue stems. I prepared a container and squeezed each one for any signs of rot, then stuck all 40 of them in together.


I got bit and couldn’t stop there. The sun was too luring after 3 months of rain and overcast. I built a few raised beds and decided to give gardening another crack! I now have a tulip (hopefully they flower!) trough and dahlia bed (Firebird, Hawai’i and Dinnerplate)!


I soaked some recently acquired ranunculus which are now in a bed of dirt, pre-sprouting in a safe place. Hopefully, I’ll have some healthy shoots in about 14 days!

First steps to my dream flower garden! Attempt Number: 15

*What about the photo with the tulips? I shot that at the Portland Nursery to get some inspiration and to pet some beautiful flowers.

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